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In June 2015, PHP has celebrated its 20th anniversary. It is in fact in 1995 that the founder of language Rasmus Lerdorf decided to publish its code, so that everyone can use and enjoy. PHP was called PHP / FI (Personal Home Page Tools / Form Interpreter). In 1997, two students, Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski, redeveloped the heart of PHP / FI. This work led a year later to version 3 of PHP, then became PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Soon after, they began rewriting PHP's internal engine. It was this new engine called Zend Engine, which was the basis for version 4 of PHP. But since June 2011 and the new delivery process of PHP, PHP delivery cycle is an annual update with significant functional changes. The current version is version 7, release 3 December 2015. It uses Zend Engine 2 and introduces a more powerful object modeling, an error management based on the model of exceptions and management functionality to businesses.
It is therefore important for all who use PHP to regularly inquire about updates.

The PHP community

There is a real community of PHP users (developers, professionals, amateurs, beginners, etc) which is organized by country. It operates using PHP internet forums, associations like AFUP in France, and plans conferences , convivial meetings as PHP aperitifs to exchange around PHP.

The forum plays an important role in the PHP community

The language PHP is the object for several years of an organized forum where experts of the programming and the environment find themselves to exchange around the PHP and around its php developers. To continue learning about Php, it is important to consult the forums PHP on the Internet and to participate in the organized meetings PHP.

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