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No more problems managing your rental website with

Tourist accommodation sites are very difficult to manage. Indeed, they are equipped with different functionalities necessary for the management of flows. Its management does not stop with the layout or the design, it is also necessary to follow the reservations, the requests and questions of the interested parties, the electronic payment made by the customers on line.

Facilitate site management with software

There will now be less concern in administering online rental using appropriate softwares. Initially for the creation, there are currently Templates from which tour operators can draw inspiration to design the site. But in addition to the creation of the platform itself, the same software also handles the design of the site. Indeed, it is equipped with a system of editor of design so that the interface is more interactive so that it can easily guide the visitors to the services that interest them. The customization is a function not to be forgotten on a site built under Lodgify because actually even if the software proposes sites ready to use, this does not prevent the personalization as well as the information of the site. Whether it is the appearance of the site or the offers it contains, everything must be clear and clear so that visitors feel at ease while browsing the platform.

Less planning difficulty

The thing that differentiates the rental website from other types of site is the need for an application for booking and paying and managing a predefined schedule. The latter is relatively complicated since it requires a careful eye and an uninterrupted connection from the site manager. Currently with the software Lodgify and its channel manager, updating is no longer a worry and it is still less the flow of reservations made by customers in all seasons that will be recorded automatically by the machine. In the end, with the Lodgify solution, online payment is more secure because the software generates automatic data protection.

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