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Php or Ror ?

If PHP was a tool box, it would be a huge crate. In which there are tools for almost everything, and where it's hard to know everything. This box is growing very fast, there is regularly new tools, others are changing and some disappear.
Ruby is a much smaller box, which allows for just as much, but there is very little duplication or overlap. The tools are robust, stable and above all consistent. The box contents changed little, rarely and only when strongly necessary.

Rails would not be what it is without Ruby

PHP is updated very frequently (several times a year) and contains many bug fixes in addition to new features. It is recognized that significant security vulnerabilities or critical, are relatively common. Finally PHP is a language rich, but messy, tote, changing by lamination and not by conversion. Foundations lack rigor and depth.

Ruby is a language that has been designed with a more scientific and comprehensive approach. Its creator wanted a modern language, closer to the expectations of the human as those of the machine. Ruby adopts the principle of least surprise (in the sense of the maximum consistency) that the language should behave in order to minimize confusion. When you discovered Ruby, you are necessarily surprised by the syntax, idioms, ... but with time you adopt the "Ruby way" and nothing surprises. The language syntax is its user service, promoting clarity and conciseness. The simplicity of the basic tools used to quickly learn and learn quickly which to use. Ruby is built on robust and stringent foundations: those of any object, the meta-programming, strong dynamic typing. The updates to Ruby, are rare because there are no or very few bugs. The reason for the low number of bugs and security holes are simple : the code is subject to systematic testing and pushed (it's in the culture of the Ruby community). And the code is simple, readable and clear, and easy to audit.

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