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Website creation technologies can be classified into three main categories:

- The technologies that have everything a site without writing code (such as blogging platforms) but which are slightly varying.

- The technologies which require to make everything oneself, even if it can have things there pre-written in a "framework" (eg the language ruby with or without its framework Ruby one Rails).

- The in-between that are the CMS like WordPress for blogs or e-commerce sites such as Prestashop or Magento, that allow to have quickly a site, however it takes a little set and it is possible to evolve by developing its own extensions, often in the PHP language. These sites are excellent if you have conventional needs (blog, e-commerce site, showcase site) and want more freedom (especially in terms of design and functionality) for sites "turnkey".

If you intend to create a web application, Facebook, or mobile, a bit complicated and personalized, Ruby on Rails is probably the most to your need. Because it is one of the most powerful tools available today.
Ruby on Rails is a web framework based on the Ruby language that allows creating powerful web applications and write code with very high productivity. Ruby on Rails monopolizes qualities of the language Ruby to adapt it to the Web development. ROR is a framework excellent which exists only in Ruby.
You want to develop a website with ROR : then you will first need to learn the underlying programming language, Ruby.
Ruby, a language that has many advantages
- Elegant and concise : brevity increases the readability of the code, developer productivity, and thereafter maintaining it.

- A highly object-oriented language.

- Library management with Bundler: in a context where we use many third-party libraries in its code, you will manage several outbuildings. In Ruby, it is very easy to manage third-party libraries and versions of the past using Bundler.

- An active community and very focused on open source: very useful to find uncountable third libraries (called Gems).

Here the ruby on rails developers you need !

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