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Did you know that Ebay is built under Magento ?

Ebay as you know is a major online sales site. It is also one of the sites with the most visitors worldwide. So would you like to know the secret of his success? It is simply a well-structured site with the Magento open source program.

How works Magento?

Magento is a program specially created in 2008 for the design of online sales website. It is favorable for the development of critical applications on e-commerce sites. Magento offers among others the possibility of developing the site in question in relation to the sale of products, catalogs, various interfaces for products, management of payments, loyalty points and gifts to clients and other more interesting applications. These various functions develop as and when their utilities, hence this free program is presented as a very important tool. Moreover, it is more efficient among the biggest online shopping sites because its capabilities are designed to handle larger orders. Its effectiveness is such that the larger the canvas using it as programming. E-bay is one of the major e-commerce.

Magento and eBay

In the case of eBay, a magento development company has set up the devices for online shopping with Magento program. It should be noted that it was created by the Zend framework allowing it to be more structured for effective use by the php developers. With the features used by Ebay for example customer service, customer area or also the delivery platform of this site are manageable through this program. The method was not really using this e-commerce solution but of having specialists who have mastered Magento for it to be as good. This server includes more digital and physical trade on ebay. In addition, eBay has used the various extensions of the program for the development of its sales services. The experience is even more successful than the platform has decided to acquire the program entirely.

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