Php Website Development

What php version should you use?

Nowadays, technology has advanced well. Several types of languages ​​are available for developers in the middle. These languages ​​make it easy to create sites efficiently and effectively. Each type of language has its mark of performance, and even between language of the same type, there are versions more effective than others. In php, what is the best version?

PHP: the language of web development professionals?

The preprocessor hypertext or php is the language on which the websites and applications were created. Blogs, e-commerce sites, social networks, have all been generated by this type of language. This php script used by web masters is built into html. It consists of a series of easily decipherable and easy-to-execute codes when creating the site. Php has a variety of easy-to-use features and tools that enable the development of dynamic, innovative, high-performance pages. Their guide offers practical advice on its use and provides web professionals tutorials that facilitates and accelerates their work. Creating a blog from php makes it easy to manage the site's scalable data and attracts more visitors.

Why use version 7 of php?

From its creation, many versions of php have been chained on the market of the web. The first, released in 1995, still had few features. The php 1 version allowed only basic executions for the creation of an application or a site. Then, Zend rewrote its language and php evolved into several versions ranging from php 2 to php 5. And of course, the bugs and system imperfections have been corrected and improved. Today, php7 is one of the best versions of high performance language that exists. Exit in 2015, this new version comes with a migration manual: the Zend Engine. Php 7 is faster, it is based on PHP next generation or PHPNG. It has been proven that updating applications via php 7 increases their performance by 25 to 70%.

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