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Which websites work with ROR ?

In the field of web application development, several concepts have emerged. These concepts in question as Ruby on Rails have been refined specifically to the creation of the website is much easier and faster. Obviously, we can not really claim to use Ruby on Rails if we do not really know what it's about. Following this, it is equally important to know what kind of site works with Ruby.

General information on Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or RoR is a scripting language that is especially dedicated to web application developers. The RoR is, above all, a web framework is a set of tool simplifies website development based on the Ruby language. This will allow a ror developer to create an ultra powerful web applications while allowing you to write code with a higher productivity. Its numerous advantages make RoR one of the technologies currently used mainly in the field of startup. It will also note that the Ruby on Rails installation shall be made only after becoming familiar with the concept. Once the tool is installed, it will also deepen their knowledge in the field to ensure an impeccable job.

The technology to be used depending on the type of website

You should know that there are several types of language in the same category as RoR. Each technology will therefore have to be used depending on the specifics of the site to manufacture and also according to the website builder in question. Regarding the types of technology, there is the technology used to create websites without writing code. So this includes platforms such as blogs or key sites in indolent hand. The second type of technology requires a "do it yourself" despite the fact that the foundations have already been incorporated thanks to a framework. To this, we note the ruby ​​language without framework without ruby ​​on rails or the Php with or without Symfony or Zend. The last type is between two as it is CMS or Content Management System. These center the guys like WordPress for blogs, e-commerce sites such as Magento. CMS therefore enable the rapid creation of a website, but personal paramérage will still be recommended.

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