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If there is a site that knows most about Ruby and Ruby on rails, it would be Rubysavy. Indeed, this agency is a company that manipulates, develops and plays with Ruby. It is a team of professionals who have set themselves the goal of coding in ruby ​​as long as there are still projects that use this technology. It is to meet these demands that Ruby Savvy exists.

Computer scientists at Rubysavy

Essentially, Rubysavy is an agency that develops applications with the richnesses of the RoR Framework and the Ruby language. There are indeed a multitude of companies that makes development in Ruby but the best are always the most passionate by this language. Upon recruitment, the agency makes sure that the computer scientists are the most adept of Ruby and that this language is the biggest reference of their CV. This proves the enormous interest that the company takes for development with this beautiful language. Thanks to the competence of the agency and its agents, all the new clients it receives are all references that former collaborators and clients have given. Also, Rubysavy do not use any ruby ​​on rails developers because those she recruits must necessarily have RoR in their head and in their vein. This seems to exaggerate and yet it is the passion that forges intelligence in these computer scientists. And that's what drives them to work even harder and harder.

Ruby is also a way of working

Ruby Savvy knows the stakes of the projects that the clients submit to him. Working relationships are based on trust, so this agency ensures that it never fails to trust others in it. She works with customers hand in hand and protects their work from any malfunction. Then she can boast of her merits as she has the best IT resource that can exist. Always listening to customers, Rubby Savvy is for the democratization of his services that is why the contract and the tariff are always flexible. These are the assets that make Rubysavy a very good RoR agency.

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