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You want to sell on the internet and you wonder how to do it? You are right. Online business is doing well. It's more than ever time to equip yourself! Several possibilities exist. Develop a tailor-made shop by a web agency or subscribe to a web application. Or install / have an e-commerce CMS installed.

Magento is one of the best eCommerce CMS in the world

Our team puts all its expertise in the Magento eCommerce platform at your service. We will explain this solution and see if it can suit you.

Magento has strong assets to address the issues of e-merchants. The new version Magento 2 is totally responsive design, and was thought for performance. The application core of Magento allows to manage a very important traffic under strong constraints (multi-site international projects, cross-channel projects requiring a strong integration SI-eCommerce ...). Magento 2 Enterprise Edition has a wide range of Webmarketing features with the main objective of bringing ever more rich and relevant customer information increasing the conversion rate, the level of customer and visitor retention.

Magento 2 is also an ideal solution in a project context where you will also need many CRM features, a PIM platform to enable you to better manage your product information. Indeed, Gentflow is specialized in interfaces of Magento and BI solutions in order to build with you a relevant, reliable and efficient ecosystem, answering your needs.

From Magento 1 to Magento 2

The architecture of Magento 2 is very different from that of Magento 1. It is therefore impossible to mount directly from the source code of Magento 1. No update script does this at this time.
A virgin installation of Magento 2 is therefore required and will have to be accompanied by a set of non-negligible tasks:
- Replacement, redesign or adaptation of specific modules,
- Replacement of third-party extensions with versions compatible with Magento 2,
- Complete redesign of themes,
- Transformation of data to new formats,
- Possible adaptation of accommodation services,
- Full functional and technical tests.

Our magento development company is here for you !

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